Toronto based producer, Pusher, has delivered another unique single from his forthcoming New Laces EP. The track, titled “Tell You,” features the stunning vocals of Hunnah. The new single definitely sticks to Pusher’s musical roots of trap, pop, R&B, and jazz, blending his various influences into a beautifully arranged, bouncy track. Pusher has already collaborated with the likes of KRNE and Rusko while also sharing the stage with Diplo, Flume, RL Grime and countless others.

In the new single, “Tell You,” Pusher has mastered the art of arrangement. The future bouncy, lo-fi supersaw punches through in just the right spaces that are left between percussion hits. After the chorus, there is an infectious melody that gets introduced by a flute like synth, which is carried on throughout the rest of the track by various instruments. Hunnah does a great job, singing soulfully over the catchy melody. I think there is a good similarity between this song and Mura Masa’s own style. So, if you haven’t heard of Pusher yet, but love Mura Masa, you will definitely love this new single. You can listen to it below and pre-order the EP as well.