Deadmau5, not usually one to gloat with excitement, is hyped about his new stage design to be premiered at Toronto’s Veld Music Festival.

A Cube 2.0 design has been discussed and shared in the past, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what this new production will include. Mau5 even tweeted that the Veld performance will be a “live show hybrid-ish thing” so we really have no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, for those of us who won’t be at Veld, the performance will not be streamed and shared with the world, to be kept as a “personal engagement,” but it’s promised that this won’t be the last show of its kind.

No pictures have surfaced as the new design edges closer towards completion, but we do have the concept art that deadmau5 shared a couple months ago. Have a look at the tweets below and brace yourselves for next week.