Don Diablo is known to bring the vibes for his DJ sets, and of course Electric Daisy Carnival is no exception. However, Friday in Las Vegas, Diablo wanted to treat the main stage crowd to an extra special dose of Donald Trump disapproval.

After opening his set with an inspirational excerpt from Jim Carrey, Diablo played a sizzling house set in typical Dutch swaggery, but at about 23 minutes into the performance, things got interesting: he played a song titled “Donald Trump makes me want to smoke crack.”

Structured over some jovial campfire guitar strumming, the opinionated vocals sing clear and true. The crowd doesn’t seem incredibly into it, but it seems Trump just can’t get any love from dance music.

Also be sure to check out a phenomenal unreleased tune from Don Diablo titled “This Is What We Started” at around 57:25.