While I’m not entirely sure who should feel more offended by this meme, Donald Drumpf or DJ Mag, I am certain that no matter what way you look at it, you’ll certainly end up with a good laugh.

With DJs starting their DJ Mag Top 100 DJ ranking campaigning in interesting ways – looking at you, Carnage – Dyro has taken it upon himself to create the meme of the week. Featuring the man himself shopped onto an image of Donald Drumpf in all of his glorious hair and the classic Drumpf line of “make X great again,” Dyro pokes some fun at the DJ Mag ranking list that has devolved in recent years into a campaign to see which DJ can come up with the most ridiculous way to force people to vote for them.

For what it’s worth Dyro actually came in at #27 in the 2015 DJ Mag rankings last year, so maybe if he keeps up with the spicy memes he can climb all the way up to the top.