JVST SAY YES came onto the scene with such force last year that we’re all still probably a little blown away. “Ill Behavior” came out in 2015 and immediately became the go-to track for bass house DJs to drop in a set, and to some degree, it still is. JVST SAY YES has worked a lot since then to diversify his sound and become more than just “the guy who made ‘Ill Behavior,'” and this latest cut from him is going to help in a big way.

With Bear Grillz providing rare vocal duty, “Gold Diggers” explores a more hip hop side of JSY that we’re really, really digging. The production is definitely somewhat reminiscent of SoCal hip hop like N.W.A., or even Jedi Mind Tricks from Philadelphia, and it just works. Even with the distinctly “EDM” drop style, the hip hop motif is pervasive enough to still shine through.

Download for free here.