We thought this wasn’t happening until Friday, but color us surprised when we found out that the Jack Ü “Mind” (feat Kai) remixes just went up on their website as a free download! Cuts from Malaa, Wiwek, Oshi and more are contained in the package available for free download, and each is potentially more fire than the last.

It was really hard to choose our favorite of the bunch, but the Malaa and Ekali & Gravez remixes definitely have our vote. Interestingly enough, none of the remixes are really “bangers,” in the usual sense of the word. It’s a very interesting move from Jack U & team in how they chose which remixes to put out as official, and it says a lot about how they want the track to be seen – even as a remix.

Curiously absent from the pack is Ookay’s remix, which we know to be forthcoming.

You can download all the remixes here.