“Don’t Let Me Down.” “Roses.” “New York City.” “Inside Out.”

The Chainsmokers went from the guys behind “#Selfie,” the most annoying song of 2014 that you heard literally everywhere, to the biggest hit makers in EDM that you want to hear literally everywhere. Against what seemed like stacked odds, Alex & Drew did a complete 180 in the public eye and went on to become our favorite artists of 2016.

The best isn’t good enough for these two as they’re now constantly pushing the limit on how big they can get – the proof is in the pudding, just listen to their new collaboration with Halsey, “Closer.”

While this track isn’t exactly exploring any new avenues in electronic music, the composition is damn near perfect. There’s really no doubt in our minds that this will be the song of the summer, bigger than “Roses” or “Don’t Let Me Down” or anything else they’ve ever produced.

With Drew on vocals, alongside Halsey, coyly playing that male/female call and response dichotomy, pushed up against a simple and memorable beat, the track is destined for #1 on radio airplay and it will probably stay there for weeks.

While perhaps not as festival ready as “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer” is infinitely more infectious and more emotionally ambitious, ending the track on a melodic roller coaster. You know the track is good when you can listen to it once and already know the lyrics (and they’re not “Work, work, work, work, work, work / He say me have to / Work, work, work, work, work, work!”).

“Closer” is officially out tomorrow.