With all this news of Swedish House Mafia returning, it isn’t unreasonable for some producers to come out of the woodwork with some bootlegs or remixes to capitalize on the frenzy. Others have done it before with newer tracks, especially Skrillex releases, hoping to hop on Facebook or music trends of the day or week.

This one, however, we feel just had good timing. It certainly wasn’t made since the rumors sprouted, and after talking with JayKode himself, he’s confirmed that this remix has been in production since 2014 with some more recent additions and help from Lookas.

Another point to take into consideration is the legacy that Swedish House Mafia left behind. Like The Beatles, it’s almost sacrilegious to remix them in any way, so it’s really smart the way that JayKode & Lookas did it. Rather than keep any portion of the original production, they sampled the lyrics and created a future remix all their own that is absolutely incredible. In doing so, they’ve kept the spirit of SHM while putting their own unique spin on a classic.

Download free here

The song is actually so great, the one and only TiĆ«sto played it out main stage at this year’s EDC Las Vegas. Check out the awe inspiring video below.