Whenever I hear the name Ookay, my thoughts instantly race back to 2013 when the San Diego-bred producer was getting his start producing the nastiest trap creations of the time. As the years have gone by, Ookay has explored multiple new areas with his releases, most recently doing so with “Thief” and the upcoming remix of Jack Ü’s “Mind.”

This week, however, Ookay took to Twitter to reveal a long-awaited return to the genre that brought him up in the first place. A preview in the form of a video was uploaded to his account, showing a deadly and fiercely energetic trap creation that we hope sees the light of day soon. Featuring squealing synths and a powerful percussion section, listening to the new material almost brings us back to the good ol’ days of Ookay.

Check it out via the video below, and scroll further down to hear a mix of Ookay in (what I believe to be) his trap prime.