In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against producer Lukasz Gottwald, aka Dr. Luke, accusing him of sexual assault and battery, claiming sexual, emotional, physical, and verbal abuse since she signed with Gottwald at the age of 18. During her nearly two-year legal battle, artists such as Taylor Swift and Zedd offered their services in support of the pop vocalist. Following the dismissal of her legal case by the New York Supreme Court in April, Kesha has now abandoned the suit altogether.

In order to fulfill her contractual obligations with Gottwald’s label, the Sony-owned Kemosabe Records, Kesha has provided them a total of 28 tracks out of the necessary “five albums worth.”

“Kesha is focused on getting back to work. We have conveyed to Sony Music and the label Kesha’s strong desire to release the single and an album as soon as possible,” said her attorney Daniel Petrocelli.

These 28 new songs may spur Sony Music to release the first Kesha album since 2012. Attorney Laurie Soriano told Buzzfeed News, however, that Gottwald and the label may argue that the material isn’t commercially satisfactory and withhold it.


Source: The Verge