Just when you thought WRLD was slowing down, he’s back – slamming harder than ever – with… Drum and bass? Following the off-the-wall 5-way indie dance collaboration “Break the Silence,” “By Design” is everything you’d least expect to be coming from the studio of the Dutch prodigy.

Long-time fans will remember WRLD’s early days of making future bass on Monstercat, with him being one of their first recruits to do so. However, in early 2015, WRLD began rapidly pumping out indie dance (a genre he slid in to comfortably), taking inspiration from artists like Owl City and Passion Pit.

Perhaps this extravagant slew of indie dance releases is why “By Design” comes as such a surprise. This sudden surprise is no disappointment, though. “By Design” is a clever piece of music that stands out among some of Monstercat’s most experienced D&B producers. Though this release was definitely a curveball for his fans, WRLD still stays true to many of his sound tags, so even picky listeners should have a good time with this one.

Listen to “By Design” and buy the track below:

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