A classic has been born, one to be remembered for ages in electronic music. This masterpiece has been created by none other than electronic music genius, deadmau5.

Put his Twitter antics aside, you either hate him or love him in that aspect and to each their own. One thing that is clearly undeniable with deadmau5 is the fact that he is able to consistently put out singles that are surely bound to stand the test of time. In a dense climate where music is released so quickly and cranked out faster than ever in the studio, it’s harder for singles to gain the spotlight. Somehow, Joel’s tracks weather the storm of oversaturated songs and stand right under the spotlight.

“Saved” begins with echoing ethereal piano notes reminiscent of a “Strobe” vibe first felt years ago and this is a feeling that I have been craving far too long. Joel’s signature rising chords enter in around the first minute of the track. A story develops as the track begins to slowly rise then suddenly plateau off only to be met moments later by piercing drop chords. The kick and chord progression break into full throttle and it is then that you realize you don’t need vocals to tell a story. Deadmau5 has always been one to tell stories through the immense ever-present emotion evoked throughout all of his discography. When producers are constantly being faded in and out of relevance every day it is deadmau5’s emotion impacting music that has truly made him stand the test of time.

Stream “Saved” below and let us know what you think:

New deadmau5 is the sweetest candy I could ask for and 10 minutes of it is pure bliss. This track reminds me of the type production earlier on in Joel’s career that brought him to meteoric rise. Personally I feel that this track will remain in Joel’s most notable works for decades to come.