Alan Walker made huge waves last year with his track “Faded,” a future bass track with all of the emotion desired in a tune of its caliber. Fans waited a long time for the follow up to “Faded,” which we graciously premiered in June.

Since then, Alan Walker has signed to Redlight Management, the same company responsible for artists like Marshmello, Jauz, Slushii and now Ghastly. As such, it’s not surprising that one of Redlight’s top artists, Marshmello, has been given the opportunity to remix “Sing Me To Sleep,” and that opportunity was not wasted.

This is not the Marshmello we’re familiar with – gone are the high-pitched vocal chops, instead replaced by staccato piano notes and a hip hop rhythm that is at ends with his usual material. It goes along well with Alan Walker’s original production, creating a medley of high energy and melodic elements that draw the listener in. Rather than a pop EDM production for the masses, it seems like Marshmello had an actual connection with this one.

Listen below and let us know what you think: