In 2011, Monstercat released their first-ever 3-alias collaboration, “The Anthem” (Project 46Varien and Ephixa) in celebration of their 1-year label anniversary. 4 years later – as a part of their 5 Year Anniversary compilation – Monstercat has broken that record with the release of “Break the Silence,” a 5-alias collaboration between Richard CaddockWRLDNitro FunSlips & Slurs and Subtact.

“Break the Silence” is perfectly representative of Monstercat’s last year as a label. Each artist involved represents different popular subgenres across the label, but meets somewhere in the middle with a vocal-centric, bass-heavy indie dance banger. One of the coolest aspects of the track is being able to actually pinpoint the producers’ different sounds throughout the track, which veteran Monstercat fans should have no trouble doing.

The song is both Slips & Slurs’ second feature on the 5 Year Anniversary compilation – making Slippy the only producer with two tracks on the album – and Subtact’s return to Monstercat after staying distant for nearly 7 months. Subtact’s last release with the label was also a collaboration with Nitro Fun, entitled “Come With Me.” However, I don’t think this release is a one-and-done deal for Subtact. We’ll hopefully be seeing a lot more from him – as well as all the other artists – in the near future.

Listen to “Break the Silence” below and get a free download by signing up here: