From gaining steam artistically early on with big room, progressive & hard house New York DJ & Producer signed to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom imprint, ZAXX continues to innovate in his latest electro house single “Phunky.”

What I really look for in producers is their ability to innovate and surprise their listeners with something new consistently. Producers are called producers for a reason; they are not bound behind bars of genres, so to speak. Changing your sound after establishing yourself as a purveyor of a specific genre or style can be difficult for many fans to grasp, especially during any initial transition period. But as time goes on, people may or may not join a producer’s journey through sound and it is the true fans that stick with the artist that get to reap the spoils of enjoyment of musical artistry & creativity.

“Phunky” really appeals to me in terms of the diversity that it exhibits musically and through its sound design compared to some of the other music ZAXX has put out within the past couple years. With a truly funky bassline driven drop and an aptly titled track, “Phunky” is bound to grace all mainstage festival go’ers ears this year.

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