It feels like months ago, but I still haven’t gotten over Secret Solstice festival. After traveling out to Iceland for the world-class event which features side-parties ranging from a glacial excursion to a descent into the heart of an active volcano, both with immersive music performances, I can honestly say that my life will never be the same as it was prior to this trip.

The reason why this experience was so life-changing goes beyond typical festival vibes and top-notch lineups, though. Don’t get me wrong, Secret Solstice is in itself extraordinary.  But the setting in Iceland, and specifically Reykjavik, is what truly sets the festival apart from anything else. Anyone can book a similar lineup, with RadioheadDie AntwoordOf Monsters & Men, etc. appearing at festivals all around the globe. But, nobody can recreate the exclusive, welcoming culture that is found in Reykjavik.

For one, the people of Iceland are extremely gracious to foreigners. Having previously attended the massive production that is Tomorrowland in Antwerp, Belgium, where it isn’t unknown to experience an unfortunate aversion towards Americans, Reykjavik’s sense of community is a true breath of fresh air. With a population of just 300,000 throughout the entire island country, it really does feel like a tight-knit place where every neighbor is a friend and you don’t have to watch your back even walking down an alley at four in the morning… or 5 AM, just after bars close. Yeah, Icelanders like to party, too.

The climate, especially during the Summer Solstice (which is aptly when Secret Solstice festival takes place), is quite pleasant as well. Weather maintained in the range of 50 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the trip, and the sky was largely overcast. This briskness aided in the remarkable cold-weather fashion which was found in abundance from the festival to the streets of downtown Reykjavik. I doted on Steini Design in my festival review, and they deserve mention here again for capturing the perfect hybridization of traditional Icelandic garb and current trends in LA reaching all the way across the Atlantic. Be sure to check their stuff out and let them know Your EDM sent you.

In conjunction with the climate, the sheer natural beauty of the place is unparalleled with anywhere I’ve been in the world. From the hot, geothermal lagoons to the waterfalls to the volcanoes to the glaciers & more, the geographic features of Iceland are innumerable and you’ll always be left wanting more no matter how much you explore. Secret Solstice’s side events take full advantage of these features, which makes it even more accommodating for an all-encompassing adventure.

So, if you’re ever planning a visit to Iceland I highly recommend you schedule it to attend Secret Solstice festival, especially as a music lover. Iceland’s culture, climate & environment are unlike anything else; and Secret Solstice festival wraps it all into one neat & unforgettable experience with a stunning soundtrack as accompaniment.

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