Dog Blood, the combined effort between Skrillex and Boys Noize, is widely praised as one of the best collaborations of 2012, and fans have long since awaited the duo’s return. Now, it seems our wishes have been answered.

During his performance at HARD Summer, Boys Noize played an ID that bears all the signs of a Dog Blood track. Mixed into “Midnight” from Boys Noize’s own Mayday, the unreleased tune packs all the same vigor of their 2012 releases albeit with an updated edginess in sound design.

Compare that with the material from previous Dog Blood releases like “Middle Finger”, and you’ll understand our excitement. Sure it could be a Boys Noize solo effort, but the scrawling synth stab and subtle laser bursts combined with a grumbling rhythm has us thinking it’s got to be another collab with Skrillex. Listen to the two and decide for yourself.