When DJ Snake puts his mind to something, you can bet he’s going to do it.

Make the #1 song in the world and break records with Major Lazer on “Lean On”? Done.
Put out five consecutive platinum singles? Done.
Put out a collaboration with Justin Bieber on his debut album and have it reach #1 on iTunes in less than 12 hours? Done.

The French musician, DJ, composer and producer best known as DJ Snake has just put out his debut album, Encore, and with it has shattered expectations and blown away competition as quickly as could be expected of one of the biggest hit-makers in EDM.

The album features massive collaborations with Skrillex, Bipolar Sunshine, Moksi, Yellow Claw, Justin Bieber, Migos, Swizz Beats, and more, and it really doesn’t disappoint in any fashion.

Now, this isn’t the forward-thinking EDM album that critics at Pitchfork are looking for, not in any shape or form; and if you go into this album thinking so, you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you’ve been listening to DJ Snake for the past couple of years and have been able to tune into what he’s good at – making hits – you’re going to have this album on repeat for weeks.

Of the 14 tracks on the album, four had already been released as singles – “Middle,” “Talk,” “Ocho Cinco,” and “Propaganda.” Of the remaining 10, collaborations with Moksi and Skrillex had already been rinsed plenty on the festival circuit. You could say that the remaining 8 are just filler, but you’d be so wrong. Every track on this album has the potential to fight for the Top 10 on Billboard or iTunes, and two have already breached the top 10 on the latter.

The album, more than just a collection of singles, actually feels like a complete album. By the time that it’s over, you feel satisfied, satiated, complacent… yet you know next time you open the metaphorical fridge that is your music library, you’re going to look for that same meal and devour it once again, just as ravenously.