It just so happens that one of my all-time favorite drum and bass events has recently booked (coincidentally) one of my all-time favorite drum and bass producers. Timeless, one of the most consistent monthlies in Los Angeles is prepping to showcase the one and only Mob Tactics at Timeless’ new home, The Complex. We at Your EDM have decided to have a word with Timeless founder and producer Dip Vertigo aka Jeremy Eichberg!

Hey Jeremy! Stoked to be speaking with you right now. How are things lately? Busy, I’d imagine.

Right back at you Shane! It’s always a pleasure. Things have been pretty busy for me. I’ve been grinding at work learning the insurance biz, spending a lot of time in the studio producing and mixing, but mainly preparing for tomorrow’s massive Timeless event! 

Tell us a bit about Timeless itself, and how did it start?

Timeless started way back in the beginning of 2008 as a monthly at the Little Rock in Tarzana (SFV). A sect of us, the original Bass Dynasty Crew (BDC), from the Grapevinez family, decided we wanted to put our own stamp on the LA drum & bass scene and almost 9 years later it’s still going strong! 

Timeless was created as a platform for up and coming dj’s to get a chance to play on a bangin’ sound system in front of a rowdy crowd. We didn’t have a huge budget to work with, but we had many of the dons come through regularly and gave lots of opportunities to many of the talented local dj’s from SF to SD. We were lucky to snag a few bigger names that were in town during those Little Rock years and those were massive shows with lines down the street, but even with local talent we were hitting capacity. After leaving the Little Rock we moved around the valley to a few different spots and started to increase our budget and take some risks financially. We were very fortunate that our core Timeless followers from the valley came with us where ever we went. We had our ups and downs as most monthlies or weeklies do, but we stuck to it. We exhausted our valley venues in 2014 and decided it was time to take our show into the heart of LA. We landed at the Medusa Lounge running all through 2015 and expanded our following running two areas and expanded our budget to bring even bigger talent from abroad. It was a successful two years, but it didn’t come easy, so when the opportunity came to go back to one room of strictly dnb at the Complex, it was a no brainer for us.  We’re stoked to call it our home!

That’s quite a history. Well done! We also hear you have a massive show coming up tomorrow. Could you give us some details about that?

Yeah man, tomorrow is gonna be sick! We couldn’t be more excited to have Viper Recordings artists Mob Tactics in the building. This is by far one of our biggest headliners ever and we can’t wait for them to bring the heat. We hear they’re loaded with dubs galore! 

What else is in store for timeless in the future?

We’re not stopping anytime soon! As long as the people keep coming we’ll keep throwing Timeless. We love our monthly event and enjoy bringing our favorite artists out for an up close and personal experience. We’ll be off for the month of September, but we’re gearing up for a big end of the year starting in October! We hear there will be a big debut that night!

Any advice for the drum and bass fans in attendance tomorrow?

Yessir! Get there early! We’re expecting a ton of people as there will be a couple big birthday celebrations going on including our boy KSOS who will be direct support. Before him we have the debut appearance of WRAITH going b2b with EXCELARATOR and starting things off we have NIFTY NUBEZ of 8:40 Productions making her Timeless debut. Get those tickets and get there early as this one is gonna hit capacity!

Last but not least, be prepared for a damn good time. The Bass Dynasty Crew prides our self in putting on the best dnb show we can, in the best atmosphere we can, on a top notch Funktion One sound system! Only good vibes at Timeless Dnb.

Lastly, any last words for us?

We appreciate the support from you and the rest of Your Edm! Shouts out to all our loyal Timeless followers out there! We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!