Visit with me for a moment, the world of the darker dance floor style. Where artists such as Teddy Killerz spearhead projects that prove to be virtually untouchable in realms of sound engineering and masterful production. With their intricate attention to detail and flawless drum technique, it leaves them amongst only a select few others that can perform at such a rate of excellence.

Now, once more visit with me an idea. What if I were to tell you, that these aforementioned select few were to all collaborate on a release. A release so massive, it’d only fit into the tightly-gripped fists of the legendary label Ram itself? Well, good. Because it’s a reality.

Through the collective partnership of the boys of Teddy Killerz and the work of American drum and bass legend Gridlok, expect nothing less of all out dance floor destruction when you hear this one dropped.

Other collaborations include June Miller, Audio, Icicle, Counterstrike, and Annix.

You can purchase the entire release here.