Just in time for Blackout’s very own Pythius‘s next release, the genius behind productions such as BBT, New Order, and recently his own rendition of “Fight Club” Feat. Coppa, we have had the opportunity to sit down with the legend himself to discuss and incoming release. This brand new EP features five absolute club smashers that are all seemingly enough, collaborations. With names like Black Sun EmpireState Of Mind and Neonlight amongst the partnerships, i’m sure you can only imagine the sounds that these exceptional producers have established. We had a conversation about what goes into these sorts of productions, and how the creative mindset can effect such processes.

Hello there Pythius! Pleasure to be having a word with you. Tell us a bit about what’s been up? How’s your summer treating you?

Pretty well! Making a lot of new music and when the sun’s out it’s a good excuse to go outside and sit at a pavement cafe and drink lots of beers with friends.

We hear you’ve just been at Let It Roll! How was that?

Yes! Let It Roll was sick! Well organised, good soundsystem, good vibes. And it’s just amazing that they manage to get so many people (I think it was over 15.000 this year?) all on one place for 3 days of only Drum & Bass! Shows how strong the genre is at the moment!

This EP you’ve been working on looks packed to the brim with collaborations! WOW. How did you go about picking these projects? Did they happen naturally, or were they hand-selected?

Most of them happened naturally. I had some of them already and then I thought: Why not put all of these on one big EP! That’s kinda how it came together. All the guys are friends so it was alot of fun working on with everyone! And you always learn alot from each other when working together 🙂

How about a bit about the creative process. What goes down in the studio when you and… for example, State Of Mind combine?

Ah we just started something, whipped out some sounds and started writing. If it’s the first time you’re working together it’s always a bit of a search for the first few hours to get in the right flow because you both have different ways of producing/writing. But after that it went rather easily! And making very bad jokes is quite important to keep the vibe going as well (and post studio pub time), as is evident in this video:

It seems as though you’ve been taking the neurofunk game by storm. What inspires you these days?

I get alot of inspiration from older Drum & Bass tunes mostly, stuff like Bad Company, Vicious Circle, Stakka & Skynet etc etc.  And from other genre’s like techno, metal and even a bit of trance!

Tell us a bit about the pre-studio process. What do you do to prepare yourself for a session?

I get on my bycicle and drive to the studio with most of the time some very very angry death metal album on. And then get a big cup of coffee when I’m there! 

Lastly, any quick tips for producers reading now?

What really helped for me when doing collabs was not starting off with a blank slate when you’re in the studio together, try having something (could be a small idea or some cool sounds/drums) ready so you don’t have to watch the other guy fiddling with the bass sound for 2 hours straight, which really takes out the vibe. Because you want to sit there and be creative, and the rest can come later when you’re on your own nerding away on some sound!