Netsky is officially Belgium’s first ‘musical ambassador’ for the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janiero. The new role will have Netsky playing events for Belgium’s teams after competing, and to create original music to enhance athletes’ performances during practice. Already, Netsky has released “Rio” featuring Macklemore, and it’s only a matter of time before we see even more refreshing material.

The unlikely collaboration came about as a result of the Belgian Olympic campaign wanting to involve a young musical ambassador to introduce younger generations to the olympics.

“After a couple of meetings, we felt really good about it, and we felt that there were a couple of parallels that really worked between my career and my music and the athletes and sports in general. After that, they organized some Olympic training camps with all the athletes. I flew over for four or five days to meet everybody and try and give them more energy. I met them and played some sports with them. It’s all been really fun. It’s been a very organic collaboration.” – Netsky

We couldn’t be more excited to see an electronic artist such as Netsky become involved with such a global event, and can’t wait to see how the experience influences his career.


H/T Forbes