Oliver Heldens is a man of many talents. From his expert songwriting ability to his world class DJing, his ability to immerse fans in his own brand of deep house heaters is difficult to match. Where his fellow DJs have him beat, however, is in their on-stage dance moves. Heldens’ own “flamingo” move is now an iconic part of his live sets, coming as a mix of “walk like an Egyptian” and wacky arm flailing. In celebration of his new track, Heldens has now invited his listeners to imitate the dance for a chance to be featured in the music video

In a short video uploaded to his Twitter today, Heldens is asking his fans to submit clips of themselves to Instagram dancing with the hashtag #flamingodance. By imitating his move as best they can, with creative freedom to add their own flair, of course, they have the opportunity to join him in creating his next official music video.

The opportunity to collaborate on the making of the music video comes as the second time Heldens has asked his fanbase for help, having received the track’s title, “Flamingo,” only days ago via a Twitter reply.

Watch the contest video below, and check out his Tweet further down.