There’s no denying that MDMA usage is on the rise, and it’s no mystery that a fair number of ravers partake in said substance. Unfortunately, this increase in usage has also brought about more and more MDMA-related deaths. While they can happen anywhere, the UK in particular has been experiencing a high number of MDMA-related deaths, with warnings even going out for “life-threatening” ecstasy pills in Isle of Wight recently.

According to Vice, a report by the Office of National Statistics showed that the number of MDMA-related deaths had increased from eight in 2013 to 50 in 2014. And with usage on the rise since 2014, it’s not ridiculous to think the number could hit a new all-time high for the UK. In the month of June alone this year, three females died after taking MDMA, with one of them having 5x the lethal amount in her system.

Fiona Measham, a professor of criminology at Durham University in England, told The Guardian in 2015 that the average dosage of an MDMA pill the year before was 100mg, about 5x greater than the average pill in 2009. The increase in potency has brought a rise in casualties along with it, meaning many people are simply taking too much. And recent news of super-pills making their way through Europe only make matters worse. These pills are said to contain anywhere from 250-350mg of MDMA, which are well over the average strength. Users may be unaware of the actual amount they are taking, sometimes leading to the tragic deaths we hear about more and more.

As always, be safe, make good choices, and if you choose to partake, make sure you do your research.


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