A batch of rogue ecstasy pills, suspected to have been bought from Yate’s Bar, have left four people hospitalized in Isle of Wight.

According to authorities, all four people are between the ages of late-teens to early twenties. Their condition is unknown, but we wish a full and rapid recovery to all those affected. One 18-year-old man has been arrested and police have launched an investigation and subsequent warning to the public regarding these “life-threatening” pills.

Police report that the pills “made people appear drunk, become very aggressive and frightened and lose consciousness.” Judging by that description, whatever is in those pills certainly isn’t MDMA.

“Detectives working on the case would like to reassure people that anyone who hands potential ecstasy tablets into police on the Island with the intention of preventing harm to others will not be prosecuted for possession of illegal drugs. Where possible they are asked to hand them into police who can then analyze [the pills] as part of the investigation and make sure they are disposed of correctly.”


H/T Isle of Wight County Press