Just ahead of the next installment of their fantastic The Space Between series, Bachelors Of Science has released three brand new remixes of their own masterful productions including twists by Random Movement, Nymfo, and Jamal. As the summer time vibes coast through our warm August month, we at Your EDM decided it was only appropriate to have a few words with Random Movement, and gather his five favorite summertime tunes to lounge to.

1. Bank – Old Reels

2. Duo Science – Night Traffic

3. The Invaderz – Pavements (Featured at #17 in the mix) [Unreleased]

4. Flaco – Oh Why

5. Utah Jazz – One Of A Kind

Last, but not least the remix itself. Have a listen!

As you all can imagine, nothing but the sweet harmonic soul-driven vibes from the man himself. You can expect nothing less on his twist of the release itself. In fact, why don’t you head down over to the preorder link below, and maybe this one can become one of your poolside go-to’s?

Purchase here: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-space-between-remixes-vol-2/1815959