In the electronic music world, music is often seen as a form of expression through dance. Where other genres often focus on lyricism and evoking emotion through their words with the music providing a steady groove, dance music has instead drawn out emotions through the high level of precision in sound development. However, when you blend lyricism with intricate production work, the effect can be quite overwhelmingly beautiful. Such is the case with LA-based talent Justin Phillips, aka Crywolf. Known for his enchanting vocal style and dream like production, Crywolf has blended the intricacies of singer-songwriter style music with enchanting electronic melodies that leave us in a state of wonder.

Taking on alt punk group PVRIS’s hit single “St. Patrick”, Phillips recreates the intricate dark pop-punk esque track into an absolutely chilling rendition. Combining his signature vocal style that reminds you of chords echoing off an iceberg with top tier instrumentation, his haunting musical identity wraps around the phenomenal lyrics originally penned by Lynn Gunn to showcase Phillips’ own sound. You can take a listen to the cover below and pick it up for free download via Crywolf’s Soundcloud. We don’t recommend sleeping on this one.

Grab the free download and stream it here: