Though the next Gorillaz album has unfortunately been relegated to a 2017 release, we’re still getting more and more information about the record that has us on the edge of our seats. The latest tidbit comes from Pos of De La Soul, who let it slip that they and Snoop Dogg would have features on the new album:

It comes when we feel we’ve got something that would be a great match for an artist. With Damon, it was easy because we love working with him. We’re about to be on the new Gorillaz album. Snoop was also performing on the record when we were over there. He pulled us to the side and said: “Hey man, we’ve never worked together, can we get this going?” Usually the lawyers will say: “You can pay this artist or maybe we can swap?” and then it goes from there. 

De La Soul most famously featured on the Gorillaz breakout hit “Feel Good Inc.”


via Pitchfork