Ego is a new sound system that turns every plane of a room into a subwoofer: the walls, the ceiling, even the floor you dance on. Created by Xergio Cordoba, Ego is meant to bridge the gap between sound and the audience, promoting a more intimate relationship between the two. Here’s how Cordoba explains the desired effect:

“I want people to experience total physical immersion in the music. Sound usually comes to you from the front, and then it’s reinforced at certain strategical points in the room. Ego manages the sound in such a way that it rises from the ground to your head, runs through your legs, belly, torso, arms and your head – and down from the ceiling – like it’s raining sound. And while you’re feeling that, you’ll see 3D video recreations of sound waves coming out of the speakers.”

A bold mission, but it’s this kind of ideal that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. With heavy bass already being a staple of solid sound systems, it’s only natural to advance towards even more progressive ways of experience sound. Just look at LCD Soundsystem’s Despacio, or PK Sound’s Trinity, and you’ll understand how quickly these advancements are coming to fruition.

Ego system

We might even see Ego incorporated into Ibiza nightclubs before too long, as Cordoba has already worked with proposals for a new club on the island. Here are the details on how this living sound system works with one’s body:

“It’s a 7.4-channel system, but with lots of speakers and subwoofers in each channel, where the conventional stereo signal converts to this format. In short, the ceiling consists of 360º sound systems and the entire floor is a subwoofer that lets music go through you, from your feet to your head. The front part is made of 32″ subwoofers and mid and treble speakers. The sides and the back have somewhat smaller subwoofers. Audio signals are modified to generate the most complete spectral sound, so it’s much richer in nuances.”


H/T Vice