Mr. Oizo has been a steady force in dance music for years, and the man has played a major role in inspiring much of today’s upcoming talent. Now, the house master has employed Skrillex to help with his newest single. Released via Ed Banger, “End Of The World” is nothing short of spectacular.

Chopped with some James Brown disco vocals and a vocoded child who gets off to watching the world burn, this track slumps hard. Mr. Oizo’s musical sense shines through effortlessly, and Skrillex’s sound design supports the arrangement for a breathtaking dose of aggression. But that lead synth steals the spotlight with a crisp, precise, and dangerous helping of bite. Here are what the two producers had to say about working with each other.

“I could spend a month watching Sonny making beats on his laptop, he simply is the best of this new EDM generation. Since I’m the best of the old electro dudes, we had to do this tune together.” – Mr. Oizo

“If you told the kid Sonny 10 years ago ‘You’d make a track with Mr Oizo in the future’ I wouldn’t believe you. Fast forward to today, it’s still surreal to me. Oizo was one of my main influences when I started productions as Skrillex, and being able to sit next to him and absorb his mind was a priceless experience for me.” – Skrillex

The whole thing feels a bit like chewing on metallic clay whilst getting a belly rub and having hot wax spilled on your kneecaps, and yes, that’s supposed to be a good thing… Go ahead and judge me, just be sure to pick up Mr. Oizo’s forthcoming album, All Wet, on September 30th.


H/T Pitchfork

Facebook Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images