Gareth Emery announced on Thursday that he would be taking the road less traveled, effectively disconnecting himself from social media and non-voice call usage of his cellphone for the foreseeable future. On his Facebook page, he posted a lengthy status describing his reason behind the transition, chiefly pointing to his decision to become an artists in the first place. “Because I chose this life for two reasons: to make music and to play music,” he said.

Emery noted the trend of DJs in the community who spend far too much of their focus on their online presence, saying, “making music has too often taken a back seat being an online personality.”

Instead of wasting his time and effort on social media, Emery said that he’ll be handing over the reigns to his manager Sergei, who will continue to update fans on Emery’s tour schedule and any other important information. The post received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support from the community.

“Do I want to be the guy who made music that people still were listening to after he was dead? Or the dude who posted many immaculately edited picture of his meals which got tons of likes but were old news before he’d even shat them out.”

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