It stands as a true testament to a classic track’s influence and esteem when it can inspire brand new remixes and variations even seven years after its release. One such song is Deadmau5‘s “Strobe,” regarded almost universally as one of dance music’s most widely recognized and celebrated works. The original has witnessed a relentless onslaught of flips and covers since its debut, with heavy hitters like Mr. Carmack and Mr. Fijiwiji taking swings at it so recently as 2015.

This week, fans of the original tune were treated to another brand new take by none other than 2008 mau5trap signee Feed Me. Played out by Feed Me during a recent live set and captured by Kill The Noise, the short preview of the remix displays a dark and heavy variation on the 2009 track featuring a pounding introduction and grime-saturated break down.

Listen to the brief clip below, and keep your eyes peeled for the song’s formal release.


H/T Dancing Astronaut | Image via Rukes