Tiësto has just teamed up with a very unexpected source for his latest advertising campaign, resulting in the creation of a brand new, customized beverage for fans to enjoy. Budweiser has long been a source of support in the music industry, beginning in 2012 with their Jay-Z and Rihanna campaigns. Now, with their slowly encroaching presence within the EDM circuit, the company has begun a collaboration with one of their most prolific partners to date.

Tiësto described the partnership as a chance for fans to experience an unforgettable festival experience.

“I always want my shows to feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I want to give fans the biggest spectacle and most memorable moment of the whole festival. Budweiser makes that possible by helping me amplify my live experience and giving festival-goers a night full of surprises they won’t soon forget.”

According to Steph Okell, marketing manager for Budweiser UK, Budweiser has created a limited edition run of specialty beer cans featuring imaging from Tiësto’s camp.

“We wanted to bring the epic Tomorrowland experience back to fans in the UK with a limited-edition brew that truly captures the passion of music lovers and the energy of Tiësto’s music in every can. This limited-edition brew reflects our incredible collaborations with both Tiësto and Tomorrowland, which have come together in such an epic way this summer.”

This all seems like a very calculated PR move and partnership from both parties, so we’re curious to see what Budweiser can actually bring to the table other than a redesigned can, which is… rather underwhelming.


Source: EDM Sauce