The infectious creations from Empire of the Sun have been captivating the world for nearly eight years since their breakout single, “Walking On A Dream.” Now, the electronic crossover duo has announced a new album is on the way for late October.

Titled Two Vines, the album was recorded in both Hawaii and Los Angeles, which had an undeniable impact on the album. Emperor Luke Steele says that “going to Hawaii to record was the best idea. That was the catalyst for me. I’d spend the morning surfing, then roll in and make music into the night.” However, beyond simply providing a pleasant setting, their recording locations influenced the imagery and concepts behind Two Vines. Here’s what the band’s Lord Nick Littlemore had to say of the concept backing Two Vines.

“There was an image we talked about very early on with this record, before we wrote the title track, ‘Two Vines,’ and that was this image of a modern city overtaken by jungle, almost like mother nature taking back the planet. All the buildings will turn back to sand. All it will be is nature again. We wanted to make something that reflected the beauty of that, and the wisdom that plants can give us about living harmoniously on this beautiful planet.”

We can only imagine what surprises they have in store for a new live show to support the release, especially considering the conceptual depth of the new material.

Scheduled for release on October 28th via Astralwerks, Two Vines’ lead single is titled “High and Low,” and the LP will also feature a Manny Marroquin remix of “Walking on a Dream.”



H/T Pitchfork