After starting their Fantastic Voyage journey this past March, the Justin Jay & Friends crew have finally completed their epic full-length album. Spearheaded by the LA-based producer Justin Jay, the album was slowly released through a series of singles and EPs off various labels in effort to allow each track to stand out on its own. While unconventional, the gradual rollout of the album has been a colossal success, and as summer slowly fizzles out, we now have Justin Jay & Friends’ full sound expedition at our fingertips. This entire project has also shown a new light into Justin Jay’s production capabilities, allowing him to step away from his signature underground tech house style and explore new sound territories. Every facet of his musical talents can be explored through the various outlets of which Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) appears, ranging from Black Butter Records, Freerange Records, Soul Clap Records, Loss Foss’ Repopulate Mars label, and last but definitely not least, Dirtybird Records.

Justin Jay & Friends’ final track “Broke The Law” featuring Sacha Robotti, Josh Taylor & Henry Wassits is a true Dirtybird tune to the core. The track comes to life with the flawless fusion of thick tech beats, gratifying bass bumps, and heavy drum hits, all supported by the funky, teasing vocals of Josh Taylor.

Listen to “Broke The Law” below and get your own copy here.