Insomniac has an interview series called Head to Head, with each ‘episode’ bringing two of the best names from any and every genre together in a single interview. Guys like Caspa Rusko and Slander NGHTMRE have taken the Head to Head challenge, sharing priceless information and insight about their respective scenes and more in very in-depth interviews. The newest duo to be interviewed is 3LAU Audien, two young veterans of the EDM rise that will actually be performing together for the first time at the upcoming Nocturnal Wonderland early next month.

The two touched on a number of subjects, including their upcoming b2b and the struggles of the business side of the industry. They are longtime friends, so the interview flowed very naturally and the two seem to really understand each other’s vision. They revealed they have a collab coming out, which they describe as “something people [understand], but it’s not like anything anyone has heard before.” However, they say the business side is causing delays, so a solid release date is not given. Fans can expect to hear it during their b2b at Nocturnal, as 3LAU confirmed that they will be playing it live during their set.

Talking about that upcoming set and why he decided to perform with Audien, 3LAU had this to say:

Yes, we do press buttons, but the art form is what our selection is. People who go to a rave aren’t paying to see a live band; they are paying for the experience, and Insomniac has been at the forefront of providing that experience. It’s the DJ’s job to augment that experience, and a b2b set is something fresh for people to experience and really see how we can perform.

He really hit the nail right on the head with that answer. The overall experience of a festival or show really is the most important aspect, and a rare b2b with two very popular DJs is something that will truly augment the fans’ experiences. They also touched on the possibility of a mini-tour together, saying they would make sure the shows were as intimate as possible to give fans the ultimate experience.

The duo also spoke about experimenting with their sound, as they claimed their upcoming track was something we’ve never heard before. They have long been considered ‘progressive house’ producers, but they are seeking to break those barriers and cross over into broader territories. To put it in Audien’s own words:

As an artist, you have to evolve. If I play the same stuff over and over, I get bored, too; it’s not fun for me. We’ve been put in a box of progressive house for the last year or two, and we want to make shit that inspires us. Like, our new song is so different; that’s what’s exciting for both of us. If we want to last as producers and not just be a fad, we have to adapt. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over.

It seems like fans should expect some very new and exciting sounds from Audien and 3LAU in their upcoming releases. The two have amassed massive followings over the years and understand what their fans want, so what they have in store has us very excited.

My only question is why they aren’t calling their b2b “3LAUdien”, but what do I know?

You can check out their full answers in the whole interview HERE.


[H/T: Insomniac]