I actually feel like a bit of a dick for taking this long to review my good friend Ray Volpe’s newest EP, Bipolar. I feel so bad that I’m breaking my own rule of not reviewing anything that’s been out for more than a week, if for no other reason than our readers need to know about this EP.

Ray is part of the younger generation of dubstep producers coming up in the scene – guys like Dion Timmer, Tucker Kreway and the like. This generation is one that is pushing the dubstep sound, because they’ll be the ones carrying it into the future, so they really don’t have a choice but to be creative in order to make names for themselves in an already oversaturated market.

For Ray’s part, his sound design is classic, with twists. It’s recognizable, but every so often there’s a burst of creativity that makes you sit back and think, “Whoa whoa whoa, what was that?” In a nutshell, that’s the Bipolar EP.

Each track is its own little nugget of dubstep, with its own sound and identity, and that sort of evokes the namesake of the EP in a way. Bipolar is about manic highs and depressive lows, and the range of the EP is one of the most impressive aspects. From the almost Must Die!-esque melodic nature of “Make Me Feel” to the gritty and distorted “Full Control,” there’s a range of sound that is inescapable and you have to let yourself be overcome by it.

That’s enough though, I’ve said all I can about the EP without talking your ear off. It’s up to you now to listen to it. So go ahead!

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