Since swarming the scene in March, Sean Turk has been a whirlwind of activity, releasing five breathtaking remixes that have already accumulated millions of plays. Now, the New York-based producer has set his talents to Salvatore’s “Dive,” dusting yet another track with his magic recipe.

By transplanting the chilled-out trap of the original mix into an energized future bass skin, Turk has the whipped the vocals from Enya and Alex Aris into a sultry ballad. Everything from penetrating piano chords to injecting an utterly wet ambience, this remix screams of class, and a round of dirty martinis may well be in order to celebrate.

Have a listen below, and be sure to snag Turk’s “Dive” remix for yourself here.

This “Dive” remix marks a massive achievement for Turk, as it’s been picked up by Warner Music Group after only a few months of the project’s launch.

“It’s an amazing feeling to release with a major that has done legendary things for music. To have this happen after only five months…just surreal.”