Tech house fans know that the genre has always had a noticeably intense yet intimate vibe to it. Kweku Saunderson takes things to the next level in his latest track “Do Us” as he incorporates the relaxing feel of steel drums.

Genre-bending artist Kweku Saunderson pulls inspiration for this latest work from his background in Detroit, the hip-hop scene, and everyday events from his personal life- as many artists do.

A lot of chaos was around me regarding my relationship with my girl. Outsiders speaking negatively on it and so on. Then one day we had a euphoric day together. That night I went to the studio and felt compelled to sing about our love and how we will continue to ‘do us.’ -Kweku Saunderson

By using such a personal and real experience as his muse, Saunderson has created a track that many may find themselves relating to regardless of where their interests fall in the spectrum of electronic subgeneres.

Check out Kweku Saunderson’s latest track “Do Us” on SoundCloud below!