QUIX is on a serious roll, as of late, with each of his releases showing a more mature and refined approach than the last. Following his powerful remix of Skrillex and Nero’s “Promises” and a fiery original, “Laundry,” the New Zealand native has now come out with an unbelievable new release on Dim Mak as part of the label’s New Noise series.

“Pokies” takes the best of QUIX’s unique production style and throws it into new dimensions throughout the length of the song. Beginning with an almost SOPHIE-esque minimalism, relying on expert sound design to fill in the gaps between expected percussion hits, the song soon evolves into an overwhelming trap banger worthy of any major festival set. With his long-awaited collaboration with Boombox Cartel nearly out, it’s never been a better time to be a QUIX listener.

Check out “Pokies” below.

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