No lack of attention is given to the music being churned out on both our nation’s coasts, but don’t get it twisted; there’s plenty of dank tunes getting produced between those lofty locales. Case in point: the Midwest. With artists like YhetiMt. AnalogueToadface, and many more calling this region home, it’s no surprise that others are following suit and diving headfirst into their art.

One of these forward thinking beat hustlers goes by the name of APLSOZ, and for good reason; his music is saucier than a deep-dish pizza. To properly fact-check that statement, one need go no further than his most recent release: the Lost in the Soz EP. Featuring four original tracks, one of which is a collaboration with fellow Midwest maestro, Spankalicious, the record  truly displays this artist’s affinity for all things heavy. Thick, syrupy bass lines provide the foundation for a synth-stew of epic proportions; the sound design here somehow manages to be both aggressive and spacey, a truly interesting feat. APLSOZ definitely went maximal for this release; the intersection of dubstep, trap, and future bass here is undeniable, drawing unmistakable comparisons to the current don of the scene, Bassnectar.

In other words, this kid is going places. Lost in the Soz is available now via ThazDope Records and can be purchased on Beatport, iTunes, and other digital retailers. Check out the full stream below and grab a copy for yourself if you’re feeling the vibes!


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