UPDATE: It seems that the screenshot we received this morning was photoshopped, after Slushii responded on Twitter that he hasn’t been on Reddit in the past month (though more like two weeks). Skrillex might still have an EP or album in the works, but as of yet it has not been confirmed by anyone, including Slushii.

On the internet, nothing is ever really deleted. On reddit, even less so.

In a thread yesterday on /r/Skrillex, populated by some of the foremost authorities on the producer’s music and such, Slushii popped in to drop a bit of a bomb on the users.

Yes, this is Slushii’s real account, and if he’s to be believed, then a new Skrillex EP is coming soon. How soon? We don’t really know. But any time a comment like this is deleted, it only lends more weight to the theory.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for new Skrillex material, but this has us very, very excited.


Image via North Base Media