As far as bucket list festivals go, Shambhala is way at the top. The small (relatively) gathering situated in the Salmo River Ranch, a 500-acre cattle ranch, in the West Kootenay mountains near Nelson, British Columbia is about as secluded as it gets, and it creates a truly unique experience for festival-goers.

Secluded for miles with only the forest, people and music around you, there’s an openness and willingness of attendees to truly let loose and let their inner child shine – something we often forget about in our dull daily lives.

The aftermovie shines a light on that opportunity, really pulling away from the awe-inspiring stages and music and focusing on the people of Shambhala. Check it out below:

Tickets are now on sale for Shambhala’s 20th Anniversary! Go to today and purchase yours – they’re not expected to last long.