The Chainsmokers are headlining their first show at Red Rocks tonight in Colorado, and they couldn’t be more excited. If you follow them on Twitter, you know what we’re talking about. But fans are also in for a massive treat as they’re debuting a brand new stage tonight, as well.

It’s similar to the one they used at Coachella, with a few modifications. First, the LED bars above the main stage design are new. Second, the structure itself looks to be a bit wider than Coachella. And we’re sure there’s a lot more that’s been modified behind the scenes.

new chainsmokers stage

chainsmokers stage 2

If you’re not at Red Rocks tonight, don’t worry. Your EDM will be posting the whole experience on Snapchat. Follow us @youredm. Shaun Frank is also taking over our Instagram for the night. Follow us there @YourEDM.