Fabric London has been forced to close its doors after over six hours of deliberation at the Islington Town Hall According to Mixmag, the committee decided that “searches were inadequate and in breach of the license,” and so “Fabric’s license will be revoked and the club will be forced to close permanently.”

Fans of dance music in the US, like myself, not fully recognize the full weight of what Fabric closing really entails. From what we know of it, it is a legendary venue in the UK and one of the most recognized names worldwide. DJs like Artwork and Plastician, among others, reached out to London Mayor Sadiq Khan to help – but to no avail.

The final decision to finally close Fabric was made by the licensing sub-committee. “There is a culture of drugs at fabric which management cannot control,” Licensing sub-committee Chair Flora Williamson said in a closing statement.

Mixmag was present at the deliberation and covered the event live. You can see 12 key moments from the day here.