Daft Punk helmets have long been the pinnacle of fandom, and every so often the bar gets set just a wee bit higher, but nothing compares to this. Love Props have constructed a Guy-Manuel replica that far outdoes the real thing.

Taking design elements from the Discovery era as well as the current RAM aesthetic, this hand-sculpted model is fully functional, and vastly improves on design elements from the iconic headgear.

The LED display is the bread and butter of the piece, and ssers can connect the unit via USB to a computer to live compose new LED animations in any music/midi production software. This allows the color, brightness, and timing of the LEDs to be changed without any coding, enabling the creation of entirely unique animations. And perhaps the most startling feature of all, the helmet boasts a beat detection algorithm that can determine the tempo of incoming music, and then modify the LED animation being displayed on the visor, which is controlled via the tiny screen hidden within the helmet or with a smart phone.

It’s made of entirely customized PCB electronics, packs WiFi capability, motion audio interaction, 210 RGB LEDs, and required a massive undertaking of programming. All in all, the helmet is “a light instrument designed for composing and generating music for the eyes housed on a one-of-a-kind redesigned Guy-Man helmet.”

“The designing, building and programming of the GM01 unit took more than one year of daily work. Finishing it with the desired quality was a huge odyssey.”


Source: Harder Blogger Faster