It can be sometimes difficult to comprehend just how impactful some artists sounds can be to the development of a style of music, but JOYRYDE accomplishes just that. His “driving” tracks combine powerful rhythm and bass sections to create a literal sense of momentum that’s been translated across the bass house movement and help solidify it as a prolific genre. Now he’s back with a new bag of tricks in his trunk of musical wonders. “Hot Drum” takes the sound to his roots, utilizing a reggae drum loop and his signature bass and percussive style in yet another epic JOYRYDE tune. If you caught any of his sets over the summer, the music video for this jam will take you right back to that moment where you found yourself in the middle of revving engines, cars peeling out, and someone slamming on the brakes… all within the confines of a music festival. Ryders rejoice as “Hot Drum” is out now for free download!