Avicii’s retirement from touring likely hasn’t even been felt yet. It probably won’t until next year when summer lineups come out and people start thinking, “Wait, where is Avicii… oh, right.” Still, when one door closes a window opens, and it seems that Vigiland is preparing to enter the void that Avicii is leaving behind.

True, Avicii is still going to be producing and we know that he has another album coming, but touring and production are so intangibly connected these days in dance music. Vigiland is capitalizing on that void with their new production “Let’s Escape” which has a distinctly Avicii-esque vibe with their own unique flavor laid on top.

It’s a testament to Avicii that any country/EDM track is automatically Avicii-esque, but Vigiland seems intent on evolving that sound even further. “Let’s Escape” is definitely a feel good track with some pretty catchy vocals, mixed with that addictive whistling; the switch up at the end is especially enticing.

Check out the new one from Vigiland below and keep your eye on them for the future! We’re sure you’re going to be hearing a lot more of them soon, especially considering they’ve already garnered over 240 million streams on past singles like “Shots & Squats” and “Pong Dance.”