If you’re searching for something extra chill to get you through the last days of a hectic week, look no further. The latest single from Chillage Records will have you vibing out in your own personal happy place in no time flat.

It comes to us courtesy of Orenda, a newcomer on the scene from the streets of San Jose. And new though he may be, this tune speaks volumes about the talent he’s been cultivating. True to its title, ‘Ocean’ draws the listener in on gentle, rhythmic currents until you feel as though you’re deep beneath the waves of some far-off tropical sea. Bright, glittering synths form the backdrop for a siren’s song of gorgeous vocal samples; meanwhile, crisp percussion clatters in the background, slowly pushing the tune to its eventual climax. Each element blends together in a whirling maelstrom of future bass-style glitches and switch-ups, displaying a knack for both sound design and arrangement. If you’re a fan of artists like whereisalex and Electric Mantis, then Orenda should most definitely be on your radar.

Best of all, ‘Ocean’ is available now as a free download; check out the full stream below and grab a copy of your own if you’re feeling the vibes!


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