While many were gushing over The Chainsmokers playing some unreleased tracks at KAABOO Music Festival in Del Mar, an unruly crowd at the festival sparked enough commotion to get pepper sprayed by police.

After The Chainsmokers and Aerosmith ended their performance around 11 p.m., a mass of attendees made their way to ENCORE to see Ludacris and Steve Aoki perform, but the venue had already reached capacity. Several individuals got in altercations with deputies manning the entrance, attempting to force their way inside the venue, and that’s when a near riot started.

It took 30 deputies to disperse the rush of people, one deputy felt it necessary to use pepper spray to disperse the crowd, and a sheriff’s helicopter even flew over the location ordering attendees to clear the area. “It was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced,” says attendee Celeste Lehmann. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, but four individuals were arrested for inciting the episode. Here’s the official statement from a KAABOO spokesperson.

“KAABOO and the Del Mar Fairgrounds apologize to those who were unable to enjoy ENCORE last night. The venue was at capacity. For the safety of our guests, security and the Sheriff’s Department dispersed any unruly crowds. There were no injuries.”


H/T San Diego Union Tribune